FCS Daily Music Video – ‘As Trains Go By ‘ Judith Hill, Studio Live Session

Judith Glory Hill is an American singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She has provided backing vocals for such artists as Michael Jackson and Josh Groban. In 2009, Hill was chosen as Jackson’s duet partner for the song “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” during his This Is It concerts. After Jackson’s death in 2009, she, along with the rest of the This Is It cast members, performed at Jackson’s memorial service and attracted global attention when she sang the lead on the song “Heal the World

Lyrics below

Like CeeLo Green in a sea of red lights
I might as well be famous, since I ain't gon' be white
One way or another, I know I'll be all right
As trains go by - bad times outta sight

Don Matthews
June 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

4 thoughts on “FCS Daily Music Video – ‘As Trains Go By ‘ Judith Hill, Studio Live Session

  1. Yes, it was tres traumatic. Still is, actually. But I have built a ‘new’ collection. I now have over 700 LPs and nearly as many CDs; plus of course an .mp3 library. YouTube and streaming services have everything you could want, too; but I am still an old school kind of guy. I like my actual paper books, too.

    Very cool to watch music videos. This vintage one of Cream is fantastic.

    Did I ever tell you? For a while I had a ‘series’ on my Facebook page (don’t really do FB anymore), which I called ‘Nostalgic Dip.’ Basically, I was systematically going through the Billboard Top 100 charts and posting YouTube videos of the songs on the lists. Mostly. I omitted some for various reasons. Then I started writing reviews of the songs I omitted. Those blog posts are part of my Trivial Music Silliness blog. That was fun. I should try to get back to that some day – probably minus the Facebook part.


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