FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Spill the Wine’ Eric Burden and War (1970)

Eric Victor Burdon (born 11 May 1941) is an English singer-songwriter and actor. He was previously the vocalist of rock band The Animals and funk band War. He is regarded as one of the British Invasion‘s most distinctive singers with his deep, powerful blues-rock voice.

The song was inspired by an accident in which keyboardist Lonnie Jordan spilled wine on a mixing board. It features a prevalent flute solo, and the sound of a woman speaking Spanish—a friend of Eric Burdon—is heard in the background

The chorus is often misheard, but the proper lyrics are “Spill the wine, take that girl, spill the wine, take that pearl.” The “Pearl” is a sexual reference, meaning the clitoris. (Golly gosh! Block your ears Billy…..) (Talk about mishearing, someone always thought it was “Do the wine, dick that girl”…)

Lyrics below

I was once out strolling
One very hot summer’s day
When I thought I’d lay myself down to rest
In a big field of tall grass

I lay there in the sun
And felt it caressing my face
As I fell asleep and dreamed

I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie, yes I did
And that I was the star of the movie
This really blew my mind
The fact that me, an overfed long-haired, leaping gnome
Should be the star of a Hollywood movie

But there I was
I was taken to a place:
The Hall of the Mountain King
I stood high up on a mountaintop
Naked to the world
In front of
Every kind of girl
There was long ones, tall ones, short ones, brown ones
Black ones, round ones, big ones
Crazy ones

Out of the middle
Came a lady
She whispered in my ear
Something crazy
She said:

Spill the wine, dig that girl
Spill the wine, take that pearl

I thought to myself
What could that mean?
Am I going crazy
Or is this just a dream?
Now wait a minute – I know I’m lying in a field of grass somewhere
So it’s all in my head
And then
I heard her say
…one more time:

Spill the wine take that pearl

I could feel hot flames of fire roaring at my back
As she disappeared
But soon she returned
In her hand was a bottle of wine
In the other, a glass
She poured some of the wine from the bottle into the glass
And raised it to her lips
And just before she drunk it
She said:

Take the wine, take that pearl
Spill the wine, take that pearl

Don Matthews
May 2021

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