FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ (ZZ Top) Rick K and the Allnighters ft. Steve ‘Mad Drummer’ Moore

 Steve Moore is a serious drummer

He learned at a very young age, that most people hear with their eyes and was not too proud to use this to his advantage. He tried to be as OVER THE TOP as possible. One way or another, he WAS going to be noticed

In 1997, a variety showband called “Rick K and The Allnighters” hired Steve on the spot. The band had a Vegas Style approach, with lots of glitz and flash. Not only were they eager to showcase Steve, they were also established, and in a position to offer him 150-200 dates a year. He was finally touring the country, and making a good living as a professional musician.

On June 1, 2010 a random fan uploaded a performance of Steve Moore on YOUTUBE entitled, “THIS DRUMMER IS AT THE WRONG GIG.” The video immediately went viral receiving over 5 million hits in less than a month. 

After ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ is a serious drum solo

Don Matthews
May 2021

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