Poet Don and Class on Howl at the Moon 26 October (catch-up lesson)

Message from FCS Management

The moon was asleep on 26 October so Poet Don
had to postpone his lesson until the moon woke up.

Poet Don and class L to R Tommy, Dauphine, Tommy, Mazie

Yes Tommy the moon goes to sleep and wakes up. Just like you

I don’t have a poem for you today children
but I do have a song we can all sing along to

Why do we howl at the moon Poet Don?….

I knew I should have prepared my lesson more….

Mazie (our tech whiz) has kindly set up the videoprojector for us…..

For parents watching your ears may not be attuned to electric guitars howling at the moon but I would invite you to stay with us at least to the guitar ‘duel’.
They are a band from Down Under called the Bondi Cigars

You will all have heard of Bondi Beach no doubt

We know Bondi Beach Poet Don…..

There you go parents……little surfers in the making….

The person who built your classroom children comes from there…..

ooh!….he must be very clever….

We wanna hear Bondi Cigars howl at the moon Poet Don…..


(Ah, the enthusiasm of youth….

Ready Mazie?

Yes Poet Don….

Don Matthews
October 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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