Poet Don and Class on ‘Dress Like a Dork Day’, 19 Oct

Poet Don and class L to R Tommy, Dauphine, Johnny, Mazie

Today’s a special day
About I want to talk
We are all ears Poet Don….
‘Bout dressing like a dork

What’s a dork Poet Don?….

Mazie has set up the projector to show us….
(Mazie’s our tech whiz)

ooh!…they look funny….

Dig deep into your wardrobe everyone and come dressed
all dorky for your class tomorrow

Yes Poet Don….

Don Matthews
October 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

15 thoughts on “Poet Don and Class on ‘Dress Like a Dork Day’, 19 Oct

  1. Hobbo? You didn’t miss it did you? Your one chance to stand out in the crowd?..


    Ben?..Don’t tell me?.


    Ingrid? Not you as well?


    Alex? Now I know you keep a close eye on every World Celebration Day. No?

    Bummer again….

    Me?… Decked out in my favourite red velvet pants, polka dot short sleeve shirt, finished it with a paisley tie. I thought I looked quite dapper. Everyone just laughed. Think I’ll give 19 October a miss next year…..

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      1. Surely, you jest? To save time, in the 50’s and 60’s maybe into the 70’s sliderule types had at minimum five or six ballpoints stuck in their shirt pockets. These tools leaked. The pocket protector was a plastic sleeve insert to keep the ink from leaking into Mr. Wizard’s shirtfront. Never worked anyway, but Mr. Wizard never noticed.


    1. Poet Don and the class are sorry you missed out on Talk like a Pirate Day Ann (an international celebration! wow! ). They’re feeling bad you missed out so Mazie (class tech whiz) has set up the projector to show you this to help polish some pirate vocab for you. Aaargh!…

      Liked by 1 person

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