Editor I Need Some Help Here by Don Matthews

MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

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I’m wanting some help with my poetry
I need to unburden my brain
It’s giving me mental thrombosis
Imagine the state of my pain

Have you had a mind-clot of neurons
Who want to stop whirring around?
I rely on their whirring-aroundness
To tell me they’re perfectly sound

I think I’m expecting too much of
My neurons I want to rotate
I should let them do what they want to
And observe, then consider. Then dictate

So what do I mean ‘lots of help here’?
Am I on the right track with this poem?
Do I need to refine how I wrote it?
It’s an idea that I’d like to see grown.

Don’t take my draft as an end-product
A poet’s domain sacrosanct
I’m willing to learn and verse better
Until my poem’s finally franked


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