Spain’s Expensive Submarine Bungle

Year: 2013
: Spain
Company: Navantia
Estimated Damage Value: $2.2 billion*

You don’t have to be a certified genius to know that a submarine has to do one thing above all else: float. Despite paying over $2.2 billion to create a new, state-of-the-art Isaac Peral Submarine back in 2013, the Spanish government didn’t even end up using it because of this very expensive mistake. 

It turned out the submarine was so incredibly heavy that it couldn’t float properly. Engineers got to work and figured out there was a miscalculation somewhere along the line. Thankfully, the design didn’t make it to the manufacturing stage, but it still cost the government a crazy amount of money.

The problems didn’t end there, either. When engineers rectified the issue they made the entire thing bigger. There was only one issue. No one thought to look at the port. Once the submarine was enlarged, it no longer fit inside, resulting in even more red faces.

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