Poet Don and Class Celebrate Read In a Bathtub Day Feb 9

Class L to R: Billy, Dauphine, Johnny, Mazie Right: my bathtub

You’ll notice children I’ve brought my bathtub with me today. On the bottom (you can’t see) are lots of books….

Ooooh..that’s a fancy one Poet Don…….

(my teaching aid for today’s lesson….)

Why have I bought my (fancy) bathtub? Filled with books at the bottom (you can’t see)?

Yes Poet Don, why?…..

Well today all around the world children are sitting in bathtubs reading books to celebrate ‘Read in a Bathtub Day’, it being February 9

It sounds a silly idea Poet Don. I’d rather read a book in bed . It won’t get wet if I drop it….

No Billy the bath is empty……

That’s still a silly idea Poet Don….

(is it?….)

I have written a special poem for you….


(a glimmer of interest….)

Today I’ve brought my bathtub (fancy)
Along with lots of books
We’re going to sit in bathtub
With books to read and look



Now Billy, sitting in an empty bath is not as silly as you think. A well-known author is now going to sit in her bath and tell us a story about a Big Red Bath. You may not want to stay to the end, but see, even adults sit in empty bathtubs….

Well that’s it for today children ……

We’re gonna go home and sit inna (empty) bathtub and read comics…. yay!

(I know I should have brought Shakespeare books….)

Don Matthews
February 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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